Schreibnachhilfe für Anglistikstudierende

Schreibnachhilfe für Anglistikstudierende

Du studierst am Englischen Seminar der Uni Freiburg, deine Essays und Hausarbeiten bedürfen aber noch des Feinschliffs? Eine Möglichkeit dazu bietet der Academic Writing Support Service.

Help is at hand! Did you know that the English Department offers an academic writing support service to all of its students completely free of charge and independent of teaching professors?

English Department students are welcome to come by with their questions, whether about structuring an upcoming term paper, proof-reading a letter of motivation, or perhaps you are just having difficulties getting started. However large or small your questions may be, the service is here for you.


Was: Academic Writing Support Service

Wann: Montags 15-17 Uhr und Donnerstags 9-11

Wo: Raum 4005 im KG IV

E-Mail: (individuelle Terminvereinbarung)

Foto: Jonas Stoll
Veröffentlicht am 4. Januar 2016

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